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This Might Be The Only Way To Get Kids To Care About Biodiversity (September 2, 2016) "Tell a group of kids that you want to talk to them about biodiversity and the dangers of food additives, and you may get a few eye rolls. Tell them that you want to talk to them about chocolate, and they're all yours."



A series of articles for sustainable agriculture site Seedstock offering marketing and messaging advice for food producers. (2012) Columns include:

Tips for Farmers Market Managers

A Farmer’s Guide to Working with Chefs

DIY Press Savvy, Part Three

DIY Press Savvy, Part Two

DIY Press Savvy, Part One

Targeting Retail and the Fancy Food Show

Go Forth, and Deliver – Freelance Foraging and Connecting the Dots

No Brand is an Island – Building American Regional Food Identities

Making Your Farmers Market Products Stand Out

Value-added Products