If I Knew You Were Coming

was published in the April 2015 issue of Alimentum

"Don't you just love fiction with the focus of food? It's Alimentum's specialty and Alisha Lumea has nailed it. 'If I Knew You Were Coming' is a story of love and doubt and conflict and delight but food is meaningfully woven into the plot. Yay! (and you get a recipe too.)" — Alimentum, The Literature of Food

He said he would be home by now. And I said I wouldn’t stay. But here I am, baking a cake and drinking his whisky. Maybe I shouldn’t have come at all. But then, of course I should have. What else was I going to do? No wasteful heart here. You have to feast before the famine. Even squirrels know that. And he was never going to use up that wheat flour.... Read the full story.