CocoaVino Special Edition Drunken Figs

Product copy for Brooklyn-based CocoaVino (co-founded by me). The first luxury eco-chocolate company of its kind, from 2004 to 2009 CocoaVino produced handcrafted bonbons and confections made with organic, fair-trade and locally farm-sourced ingredients and flavored with wines and liqueurs. Critical praise and loyal fans around the country ensued.

Drunken Figs were, by far, the most popular item at CocoaVino, winning press attention from Food & Wine to the New York Times and inspiring two special edition spin-offs. 



Inspired by the traditional holiday punch that sent early Britons singing in the streets, Wassailing Figs bring together organic figs and oranges, orange Muscat wine, brandy, warming spices and creamy organic, fair-trade dark chocolate—all in a chocolate-dipped fig. 

Label text:  

You’re on the cobbled streets of Old London. It’s a dark December evening, shop windows frosted over with the sudden cold and a wreath on every door.

“Was hail,” you shout into the night, a wish of good health to your companions. “Drink hail,” call back your mates.

You lift the cup of steaming punch and drink deeply, your mouth full of orange and spices, your head full of wine. Here you go a-Wassailing, singing in the streets, passing the cup round and round. Together, you bid another year farewell with cheer and friendship.

Love and joy come to you, and to you your wassail too.

Wassailing Figs bring together the flavors of the traditional holiday punch in a chocolate-dipped fig.



Label text:  

You’d never known the charm of spring. You’d never met it face to face — until that night in Paris.

Wandering for hours after the cafes closed, your head buzzing with Champagne, you stood hand in hand by the Seine with the brand new love of your life and looked at a moon that was meant for the movies.

And then came the sun. You said goodbye, addresses fervently written on bits of paper torn from your journal, and promised to write. Alone again, you saw an open patisserie and spent your last coins on a fig and raspberry galette drizzled with chocolate.

“April in Paris,” you sang to the slowly waking streets. “Whom can I run to?  What have you done to my heart?”

Figs Parisienne combine organic figs and raspberries, framboise eau de vie and creamy organic dark chocolate — all in a chocolate-dipped fig.


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